Natasa Foods GmbH
Postfach 1316, 21603, Deutschland

Phone: +49 4161 7343630 – +49 4161 7326187
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Welcome to the world of beauty!

Natasa Wines
Natasa Olive Oil
Natasa Beer

Natasa Foods

No, we are not a beauty salon. We just like beauty to exist in our every moment. Beautiful friends, beautiful neighbors, beautiful products.

No, we are not food or beverage professionals, and we don’t want to become professionals. We are and will remain amateurs, (in the Ancient Greek sense of the term), lovers of art, life, relationships.


We do what we do with the power that the power of beauty gives us, beauty in the soul and behavior, beauty in the smallest and everyday things.


Presentation of our new products


To our product list we have added two great wines from Greece, a white from two great varieties, Savatiano and Muscat of Alexandria (aromatic) and a rosé from the also great Merlot and Syrah varieties.