Natasa Foods GmbH
Postfach 1316, 21603, Deutschland

Phone: +49 4161 7343630 – +49 4161 7326187
About Us
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About Us

Natasa Foods

The company Natasa Foods GmbH is a genuine child of the company Natasa Beer UG with the first steps being taken with the production of the unique taste and quality of Natasa beer, a unique pilsener that owes its origin to Germany in the 16th century which we produce with 100% genuine German raw materials in Lower Saxony.


Today we continue with the production of extra virgin olive oil from the plain of Sparta and with two excellent quality wines from Evia, a white from two great varieties, Sabbatiano and Muscat of Alexandria (aromatic) and a rosé from the equally great Merlot and Syrah varieties.

We do what we do with the power that the power of beauty gives us, beauty in the soul and behavior, beauty in the smallest and everyday things.

And the reason why Greek olive oil and Greek wines have a great place in the world ranking is the following:

The conditions in the atmosphere of Greece allow significantly more solar radiation to reach the soil, plants, etc. These conditions favor the olive and the vine to assimilate more energy in their leaves and later in their fruits, energy which then passes into the oil and in wine.

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